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Eminem Rap God Şarkı Sözleri
Eminem Rap God Lyrics (The Marshall Mathers LP 2)
Look, I was gonna go easy on you, not to hurt your feelings
But I`m only to get this one chance. (Six minutes, Slim Shady, you`re on) Something`s wrong, I can feel it
Like a feeling, like something is about to happen, but I don`t know what
If this means, what I think it means, we`re in trouble – big trouble
And if he is as bananas like you say, I`m not taking any chances
(You were just what the doc ordered.)
[Verse 1]

I`m beginning to feel like a rap God
All my people from the front to the back nod
Now who thinks he`s arms are long enough to slapbox?
They said I rap like a robot so call me rapbot
But for me to rap like a computer must be in my genes
I got a laptop in my back pocket
My pen`ll go off when I half cock it

Got a fat knot from that rap profit
Made a living and a killing off it
Ever since Bill Clinton was still in office
With Monica Lewinsky feeling on his (nutsack)
I`m an emcee still as honest
But as rude and indecent as all hell
Syllable, killaholic [?]
This slickety, gibbedy, hibbedy hip hop
You don`t really wanna get into a piece of match
With this rappidy rappack and a mack in the back of the yac, pack backpack rap yep yackidy yac
The exact same time I attempt these lyrical acrobat stunts when I`m practicing that
I`ll still be able to break a motherfuckers table over the back of a couple [?] and crack it in half
Only realized it was ironic I was on the Aftermath after the fact
How could I not blow? All I do is drop F-bombs, feel my wrath of attack
Rappers are having a rough time, period; he`s a maxipad
It`s actually disastrously bad
For the wack to masterfully constructing this masterpiece ass
[Verse 2]
I`m beginning to feel like a rap God
All my people from the front to the back nod
Now who thinks he`s arms are long enough to slapbox?
Let me show you maintaining this shit ain`t that hard
Everybody want the key and the secret to rap immortality like I have got
Well, to be truthful the blueprint is simply raging youthful [?]
Everybody loves to root for a nuisance
Hither up like an asteroid, did nothing but chew other moons in
Emcees get taken to school with this music cause I use it as a vehichle to bust a rhyme
Now I lead a new school of students
Me, I`m a product of Rakim, Lakim, Shahbaz, 2Pac and
W.N, Cube, Doc, Ren, Yella, Eazy, thank you they got Slim
Inspired enough to one day grow up, blow up and be in a position
To meet Run DMC and induct them to the motherfucking Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame
Even though I walk in the church and burst in a ball of flames
Only Hall of Fame I be inducted in is the alcohol of fame
On the wall of shame
You [?] it`s all a game till I woke a flock of flames
Off of planking, tell me what in the fuck were you thinking?
Little B looking boy, so [?] I can barely say it with a straight face looking boy
You witnessing a massacre like you watching a church gathering take place looking boy
Oh [?] that`s all they say looking boy
You take a thumbs up, pat on the back the way you go from your label everyday looking boy
Hey, looking boy, what you say looking boy?
I got a hell yeah from Tre looking boy
I`mma work for everything I have, never ask nobody for shit
Get outta my face looking boy
Basically boy you`re never gonna be capable to keep up with the same pace looking boy
[Verse 3]
I`m beginning to feel like a rap God
All my people from the front to the back nod
The way I`m racing around the track, call me Nascar
[?] heart of the trailer park, the white trash God
Kneel before generals off this planett`s Krypton, no Asgard
So you be Thor and I`ll be Odin, you [?], I`m omnipotent
Let off then I`m reloading immediately with these bombs I`m totin`
And I should not be woken
I`m a walking dead, but I`m just a talking head, a zombie floating
But I got your mom deep in [?]
I`m out my ramen noodle
We have nothing in common, poodle
? pinch yourself in the arm and pay homage, pupil
It`s me, my honesty`s brutal
But it`s honestly futile if I don`t utilize what I do though
For good at least once in a while
So I wanna make sure somewhere ? I scratch, scribble and doodle
Enough rhymes to maybe to try and help get some people through tough times
But I gotta keep a few punchlines
Just in case cause even you unsigned
Rappers are hungry looking at me like it`s lunchtime
I know there was a time where once I
Was king of the underground, but I still rap like I`m on my Pharoahe Monch grind
So I crunch rhymes, but sometimes when you combine
A pill with the skin color of mine
You get too big and [?]
Like that one line
When I tried to say I take seven kids from Columbine
Put `em all in a line
See if I get away with it now then I ain`t as big as I was but I`m
Morph into an immortal, coming through the portal
But you`re stuck in a timewarp from 2004 though
And I don`t know what the fuck that you rhyme for
You`re pointless as Rapunzel with fucking cornrolls
Fuck being normal
And I just bought a new raygun from the future to just come and shoot ya
Like when Fabolous made Ray J mad
Oh, man, oh, that was a 24 special on the cable channel
So Ray J went straight to the radio station the very next day
“Hey, Fab, I`mma kill you“
Lyrics coming at you at supersonic speed
Uh, sama lamaa duma lamaa you assuming I`m a human
What I gotta do to get it through to you I`m superhuman
Innovator, made [?] so anything you saying ricocheting off of me
Never fading, and I know that the haters are forever waiting
For the day that they can say I fell off, they`d be celebrating
Cause I know the way to get `em motivated, I make elevating music
You make elevator music
Oh, he`s too mainstream – well, that`s what they doing jealous, they confuse it
It`s not hip hop, it`s pop, cause I found a hella way to fuse it
With rock, shock rap with Doc
[?] to make them loose it
I don`t know how to make songs like that, I don`t know what words to use
Let me know when it occurs to you
While I`m ripping any of these verses
How many verses I gotta murder to prove
That if you`re half as nice at songs you can sacrifice virgins too
School flunkie, pill junky
But look at the accolades the skills brung me
Full of myself, but still hungry
I bully myself cause I make me do what I put my mind to
And I`m a million leagues above you
Ill when I speak in tongues, but it`s still tongue in cheek, fuck you
I`m drunk so Satan take the fucking wheel, I`m asleep in the front seat
Bumping Heavy D and the Boys, still chunky, but funky
But in my head there`s something I can feel tugging and struggling
Angels fighting with devils, here`s what they want from me
They asking me to eliminate some of the women hate
But if you take into consideration the bitter hatred that I had
Then you may be a little patient and more symphatetic to the situation
And understand the discrimation
But fuck it, life`s handing you lemons, make lemonade then
But if I can`t battle the women how the fuck am I supposed to bake them a cake then?
Don`t mistake it for Satan
It`s a fatal mistake if you think I need to be overseas and take a vacation to tip a broad
And make a [?] on the face and don`t be a retard
Be a king? Think not – why be a king when you can be a God

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